The Big Busk

On Friday 10th of March, I will be taking part in The Big Busk for Focus Ireland to raise vital funds for the people experiencing homelessness in Ireland.

Homelessness figures have been continuously rising in the past year and have reached a record high since the end of the pandemic restrictions. There are currently over 11,000 people, including 3,500 children without a place they can call home right now. But every one of us can take action, and make change happen.

That is why I’ve decided to participate in The Big Busk. Focus Ireland are ending homelessness every day for families and individuals. Their services are working hard to protect people - especially children - from the trauma caused by homelessness.

Please check out my performance on March 10th and donate to my page to help Focus Ireland support the thousands of families and children without a home in Ireland right now.

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Buskers for the cause

Tuesday 21st Feb
Hello as you know the homeless crisis for irish people is way out of hand and We would like to help out in anyway we can in the way we know how.Me and Derek and been playing around a number of years in the trad/Folk seen and we will busk to raise money for the much needed homeless.Please help out with what you can,Ever little helps.We are greatful to have roofs over out heads where alit don't.To see kids as young as 5 upwards at food banks eating there dinner on steps is just awful.No child should ever have to do that.Thank you for your support.

Buskers for the dosh

Tuesday 21st Feb
Hello!Myself and my other half have been playing around for a number of years.We are big into Trad/Folk and other types of music but mostly trad.We will be busking on the 10th if march for the homeless and set up a fund me page.If you could spare any change it will be hugely appreciated thsnk you!Giddyup!!

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Spencer Mitton

Super musician paddy abbey is and great cause


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So so sad


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Fair play to you pal.


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Great cause


Carolynn Sweeney


Tony Walker

Gluck with it lads!


Gary Roche

Maith sibh.


Lorraine Hamilton

Great cause. Well done 👍


Eoghan A