The Focus Ireland team are here to help with any questions or queries you might have about On the move or your fundraising. If your question is not answered in the FAQs below, please do get in touch via email


How do I register?

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Click on the Register button and make your selection:

  1. Join a hiking event: Register for Focus Ireland organised hikes: Carrauntoohil Hike or Croagh Patrick Hike.
  2. Organise your own hike: Register and create your own hiking event.

Complete all four steps to completely register:

  1. Tickets: Select how many tickets you would like to purchase (maximum 10 tickets).
  2. Create an account: provide your personal details to create a fundraising page, and if you wish, create a team fundraising page for your group.
  3. Ticket Info: Confirm name and email for your ticket (and any team tickets purchased).
  4. Payment: Start your fundraising by making an optional self-donation, or skip to payment details and add in your payment information.

Once you’ve registered, a member of our team will get in touch with you to confirm the details of each event and respond to any questions you may have.

Register Now

How many tickets can I purchase?

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Each individual can purchase up to ten tickets per event (maximum). 

If you wish to purchase additional tickets, please email onthemove@focusireland.ie or call our team on 01 881 5900.

Why am I not able to register?

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If you are unable to register, it might be the case that your event is full. You can always call us on 01 881 5900 or email onthemove@focusireland.ie to check if your event still has available spots.

What happens if the event is full?

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If the event is full, you may request to be added to the waiting list and we will notify you if a space becomes available. Please email our team at onthemove@focusireland.ie

What if I want to buy additional tickets, or tickets for other events after creating my fundraising page?

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If you've already registered for an event and you would like to purchase more tickets, that is no problem!

Once you're logged in to your account, go to your dashboard and the My Tickets section, where you'll easily be able to buy additional tickets. 


Can I create or join a team?

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Yes, you can create a team for your group during registration. You can also create a team post registration through your dashboard.

1. Create a new team: choose this option and be Team Captain for your group. You can allow others to join your team, or you can make your team exclusive to only your group.

2. Join an existing team: You can choose a team from the dropdown menu if it is available to join*.

*Some Team Captains do not allow anyone to join their team and in this instance, you can only be invited by the Team Captain

How do I create a team after registration?

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Log in to your fundraising page and go to you dashboard. On your dashboard select Create Team and follow the instructions. 

How can I invite others to join my team?

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When you log in to your fundraising page, go to your Team Dashboard and you will find an invitation link to share with your group. 

Once your team member clicks on the link, they will be able to accept your invitation.

If they have not registered, they will need to follow the steps to register before joining your team. 

Can I change my team settings?

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Yes, when you log in to your fundraising page, go to My Team and then select Edit Team Page.

You can edit details such as :

  • Team fundraising target.
  • Team name (P.S. If you change your team name any links you've previously sent may not work).
  • Allow anyone to join your team (or not) - this will add a 'Join us' button on your team fundraising page.
  • Add a Team Passcode (any passcode entered above will be required for anyone to join your team).
  • Update your team fundraising blog posts.


What locations can I choose from?

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On the move events in 2024 will take place in:
  • Carrauntoohil, Kerry - Saturday 15 June 2024
  • Croagh Patrick, Mayo - Sunday 16 June 2024
If the location does not suit you, and you still wish to take part, please consider organising your own hike. Visit our Organise your own hike page for guidance.

Is it possible to take part in more than one event?

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Absolutely! You can purchase tickets for both events when you register, or after registration where you can buy additional tickets from your dashboard at a later time.

Please note that there will be registration fees associated to each event.

What should I bring on the day?

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You are responsible for having the necessary personal equipment you need for your event. We’ve put together a checklist of items to bring with you on the day, accessible in the ‘Prepare’  section of the website.

In addition to your equipment, please make sure to bring any personal medication you may require.

What fitness level is required to take on these challenges?

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We expect participants to have a good level of fitness and there will be a challenge to suit everyone. Simply make sure to check the difficulty level specified for each event on the events section before registering. The groups will move at a comfortable pace, and nobody is ever left behind. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your level of fitness, health, or ability to complete a challenge. Contact the team by email: onthemove@focusireland.ie 

What kind of training should I do?

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Everybody is different so we cannot recommend a specific fitness programme. However please remember the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the challenges. If you are a novice, we encourage you to prepare for your challenge by gradually walking longer distances over a set period of time, and progressively incorporate some uphill terrain to improve your endurance. Even if you are active and exercise regularly, it’s a good idea to adapt your training to match the specifics of your chosen challenge.  Whatever training you decide to do, remember that consistency is key!  

What will be provided by Focus Ireland?

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  • Official hiking events: On the move t-shirts, experienced guides, first aid kit, tea/coffee & refreshments.
  • Organise your own hike: On the move t-shirts will be posted to you after you have completed registration.
Am I insured to organise my own hiking event?
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All official Focus Ireland hiking events (Carrauntoohil hike & Croagh Patrick hike) are covered by our insurance, however we cannot insure community organised events.

If you are organising your own hiking event, please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken and that you have your own insurance in place.

Are the times provided for each event exact?

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There is a specific start time for your event, but the finish time will vary depending on the weather, the pace of the group, and various other outside influences on the day.

Can I enter on the day?

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No, entries cannot be accepted on the day of the event. For the safety of our participants and volunteers, we must not exceed the capacity of our events. 

Registered participants will also have provided all the necessary information to participate for the event.

Can someone else take my place if I'm unable to attend?

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No, we are unable to accept a ticket transfer on the day of the event. 

At this stage, registered participants will have provided all the necessary information to participate in the event.

If I end up not being able to take part in the event that I registered for, is my registration fee reimbursed?

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Unfortunately, refunds will only be available if the events is cancelled. Given that there are other challenge events, and a ‘Organise your own hike’ option for participants, we will not be offering refunds if individual events are cancelled.

Please speak to our team on onthemove@focusireland.ie or phone 01 881 5900 if you wish to transfer to another event. Please note that places are limited for all events and we may not be able to accommodate changes or transfers. 

Can I bring my dog?

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No - dogs are great company, however we kindly request that you do not bring your dog, or any other pets, to these events. We must be respectful and aware of farm animals and wildlife we may come across.


What is the best way to fundraise?

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We have prepared loads of useful resources to help you with your fundraising for #Onthemove. Download our guides below or e-mail us with any queries: onthemove@focusireland.ie



How do I start raising funds?

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First and foremost, the best way to start raising funds is to share your fundraising page as widely as possible with your network of friends, family and co-workers (via email, WhatsApp and social media platforms). We encourage you to customise your page to include the reasons why you decided to get On the move for Focus Ireland, and prompt donations. Your supporters will be able to make donations directly on your fundraising page. 

How do I send donations to Focus Ireland?

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Please read the tips for fundraising* which provides options for you to send your donations to Focus Ireland.

What happens if I don't reach my fundraising target?

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We know that committing to raise a specific amount can seem a bit daunting which is why our team are here to help you - every step of the way. If you are struggling with your fundraising, then please do get in touch. Our team have lots of experience with fundraising, and can give you some great advice, tips and fundraising materials to help you smash your target! 

How can I get an On the move flag?

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Fundraisers who make it onto our Wall of Fame will receive an On the move flag which they can proudly fly at the mountain peak to symbolise their commitment to ending homelessness.

Once you have fundraised a minimum of €100, you will be featured on our Wall of Fame, which acknowledges our fundraisers who are doing exceptionally well.

How can I download my personal fundraising Qr Code Poster?

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You can find your personal fundraising QR Code Poster in your personal account.
When logged in, either on the main dashboard or on the dropdown menu under your user icon, on the top right corner.


Can my company take part in On the move?

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Yes, company groups may take part in On the move by attending one of our organised hikes: Carrauntoohil or Croagh Patrick, or by organising their own company hike at a date, time and location which suits.

How can I pay for my team's event tickets?
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While registering, follow these steps:
  1. Tickets, you will have the option to buy up to 10 tickets for your team.
  2. Create Account, complete your registration details.
  3. Ticket Info, you will find where to assign this tickets to, you will need your team members names and email.
  4. Payment, complete the purchase of your team tickets.
When purchased, the tickets will be sent to your team members and they will need to complete their registration details.

My company would like to take part, who can I contact?

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Contact our dedicated team at onthemove@focusireland.ie and we will be in touch to discuss ways to support your involvement.


What is On the move?

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On the move is an exciting series of fitness and adventure challenges taking place from Friday 14th - Sunday 16th June, to raise funds for Focus Ireland’s homeless services. We are inviting participants to take on an epic hike challenge on Ireland's famous mountains like Carrauntoohil and Croagh Patrick. Alternatively, participants can Organise their own hike.

When are the events happening?

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On the move is taking place from Friday 14th - Sunday 16th June.

- Carrauntoohil Hike: Saturday 15th June
- Croagh Patrick Hike: Sunday 16th June
- Organise your own Hike: Friday 14th-Sunday 16th June.

The exact dates and times for each event are specified on their dedicated page, accessible from the dropdown menu. Please make sure to check each event’s date and estimated duration before you register.

How much am I expected to raise and where does it go?

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For each event that you decide to take part in, we provide a suggested fundraising target of €350. These funds will directly benefit Focus Ireland’s homeless services which are providing vital support to individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Ireland. By setting this fundraising target (and hopefully reaching it!), you’re making it possible for our team to keep making an impact on the lives of our customers.

For example:

  • €40 could help provide a family with the first vital support session once they become homeless;
  • €70 could help provide a family with children the day-to-day case management they need to find a home of their own;
  • €125 could help provide a family with a safe and secure home for a month in Focus Ireland’s supported housing.

Am I eligible to take part?

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The events are open to anyone over the age of 16 with a good level of fitness. We encourage you to make sure that the event you’re interested in is a good match with your endurance levels before you register. Please note that participants aged 16-18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

If you would like to chat to someone on our team for guidance, please email onthemove@focusireland.ie or call 01 881 5900.

I have registered and I have not received my On the move t-shirt.

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We are sorry you have not received your t-shirt yet. Please contact our team on 01 881 5900 or email onthemove.focusireland.ie

They will be able to tell you if it is en route to you by post, or send one out to you as quickly as possible. 

Please note if you have not registered by Monday 10th June, we cannot guarantee that your t-shirt will arrive in time for the event. 

Participants in Official Focus Ireland Hikes will receive them in person in the day of the event.